About Examscreen

Examscreen is the award-winning, one-stop tool that transforms the examination experience for exams officers and students. Within a year of launching, Examscreen is being used by over 1000 UK schools and in over 20 countries worldwide - all through word-of-mouth. Fast, reliable, stress-free and comprehensive - here's how you can set it up for an exam session in just one minute!

In a nutshell

Examscreen is:

  • MADE BY AND FOR EXAMS OFFICERS. Examscreen makes our job easier; saving time, automating things that would have been manual, reducing errors, and professionalising our role within schools
  • SIMPLE. Examscreen is really easy to use. It has been designed in a way that makes it user-friendly for exams administrators, invigilators and teachers.
  • RELIABLE. Examscreen is not susceptible to network failure. If your internet cuts out, Examscreen keeps working.
  • COMPLIANT. Examscreen helps schools to fulfil all of the regulations around exams as set by JCQ and the international school exam boards. Examscreen professionalises and standardises examination display.
  • CLEAR. Examscreen enables schools to display a clock and all exam information on one tidy, distraction-free screen. Examscreen is great for the student. There are no distractions and it is clear and easy to read in a high-pressure environment.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY. Examscreen is, and will remain, very low cost to schools (£25 annual subscription). We want all schools to benefit from our product.

Our story

In summer 2018, Brighton exams officer John Gaston started to think that there must be a better way to display exam information in exam halls that wasn’t reliant on clocks and flipcharts. He produced a display screen that would be perfectly tailored to exams here and abroad. Examscreen was born. Using the app during the summer exam season revolutionised John’s day job and word of Examscreen spread quickly amongst UK exams officers. In April 2019, Examscreen won the second prize in a national EdTech competition, and perhaps more importantly also won the People’s Vote award having been so popular amongst the school staff who are using it.

Second only to our love for all things exams, we take the most joy from regular chats with our users in the UK and beyond, many of whom have been with us since we started. User feedback is essential to us and means that Examscreen remains a constantly evolving, intuitive and essential tool. Examscreen has spread through recommendation so we haven’t had to market the product to schools. We have been built from our Examscreen community upwards.

Nearly two years after the birth of Examscreen, in February 2020 we launched a new version, with customisable features, simple exam selection and saved and stored centre number(s) all on a slicker, more professional-looking screen.

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